Arab Potash Co. Research Center

LocationDead Sea, Jordan
StatusCompetition Entry, short listed

The design approach focuses on a balanced approach towards research development and regional profitability in order to capitalize on Dead Sea’s precious resources and assets. The design lays out a vision and blueprint for fostering a research center that will become a regional development node for the surrounding area and that brings future development to the region.

The nature of the research center requires flexible arrangement that has the ability for future expansion and adaption to function modification.
A modular system design is proposed to achieve this flexibility, this modular system is inspired from the agricultural green grid, and the salt evaporation ponds cellular formations.

The building ground level is based on the average slope between the land and the sea to maintain the sea view from the entrance. The building formation makes a smooth transition from land to sea through its modularity and its relation to
topography. The building consists of two wings, the medical and healing research wing, and the agricultural and fertilizers related research wing, with an intermediate entrance lobby and restaurant that opens to an outdoor pool and site observation platform. Each department consists of a module that opens to an outdoor courtyard that hosts communal facilities related to each department.