Rebuilding Iraq’s liberated areas:
Mosul’s Housing

LocationMousul, Iraq
StatusCompetition Entry, short listed

The main challenge is to design affordable housing for the post Daesh Mosul within the limited resources in terms of finance and land that considers spatial, social, and urban aspects.
The design proposes two arrangements for the housing design. The first arrangement is for the nuclear families which proposes an apartment arrangement but with more special, open layout that allows for privacy and efficiency at the same time.
Each apartment building contains a common shaded courtyard that serves as a play area for the children and provides passive cooling for the building.
Four apartment buildings compose an apartment complex that can be seen as a micro neighborhood, interconnected by bridges creates an elevated open area that connect the user to social and cultural nodes created to serve the basic needs for the users. The second arrangement is designed for the extended families, and is composed of a duplex at the first two floors with a possibility for expanding to another two floors for the second generation families.