Hayy Cinema
Celebrating the Saudi film scene

LocationJedda, KSA
StatusCompetition Entry, short listed

Located at the center of the Hayy building with a direct access from the main courtyard, “The Ramp” serves as the bounding element between the overall building and the cinema through a sequence of experiences that capture the attention of the visitor.

The RAMP houses and celebrates the mundane cinema-going experiences that are usually neglected due to the lack of a designated space. It adds a second layer that transforms the experience of the cinema into an interactive display and a space for creative expression and communal interaction.
“The Ramp” functions as a vertical circulation element as well connecting the different functions of the building as it is accessible from all levels

The Cinema is composed of three zones, the main tier is accessed from the ground floor. The upper ledge is accessed from the first floor and the balcony which is an extension from “The Ramp”. The balcony is a more casual space introducing a new concept in cinema seating arrangements.
The cinema space is adaptive according to the event taking place, having operable panels allows for having a dynamic cinema space, when completely closed, it functions as a conventional cinema